Tomiko Lake Lodge


Tomiko Lake Lodge

Tomiko Lake Lodge was founded on the land of dreams in the early 1900. This encampment occupied the spirit of the settlers who came from western Canada and Quebec to make their homesteads and partake in the logging and fur trade.

Sociability, spirituality and hospitality were attributes of those generations who lived in a bond with each other and our Canadian nature.

Tomiko Lake Lodge prides itself in knowing the word Guest!!!.


Tomiko Lake

Tomiko Lake is a jewel of northern Ontario situated between the major centers of North Bay and Sudbury. It’s clear waters, streams engulfing woods and marshes make it a fisherman’s and hunter’s paradise to be shared with their families.

It is sparsely populated, becoming the wonderment of the far shore to all who gaze upon its scenic beauty throughout each season.



  • Swimming

  • Magnificent canoeing and all season trails

  • Excellent pickerel, pike and small mouth bass fishing

Deluxe Accomodations 

  • Three modern cottages at the water's edge overlooking our safe sandy beach, spectacular sunsets and perhaps the northern lights

  • Smoke free


We are proud to say that Tomiko Lake Lodge has been owned and operated by our family for 19 years.

Cottages 1, 2 & 3
Cottage # 4
Cottage # 5
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